Our Fundraisers for the 2016-2017 School Year



Last year the PTA’s World’s Finest Chocolate Bar fundraiser was another HUGE success! We greatly appreciate your participation and sincerely hope that we can count on you again to make this year’s fund raisers just as successful. Your support helped the PTA raise more than $13,000 that directly went to benefit Gunpowder students. The money raised from our candy bar fund raiser helped to support the PTA school academic priorities pot as well as several other student based benefits, including school assemblies, student field trip subsidy for ALL students, the Shredderman book illustrator visit, student planners, teacher classroom wish lists from Lakeshore and much, much more. For more information click here: Click here for information


YoHersheyParkur participation in our fundraisers this year is extremely important as we have limited our 
fundraisers to only a few. This year our fundraisers will consist of the World Finest Chocolate Bar sale (Thursday, October 6th – Thursday, October 20th), our Annual Bingo (Friday, November 11th 2016), Hershey Park Ticket sales (March/April 2017), and new this year Paint Nite (Monday, October 3rd and more dates to follow). The many benefits that the PTA supplies Gunpowder students equates to about $50 per student. Donations are always welcomed in lieu of fundraiser participation. Donation envelopes will accompany all fundraising materials sent home this year. If you have any questions regarding our fund raisers this year please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,paintnite

Chris Kirtz
Gunpowder Elementary PTA President