BCPS Volunteer Training Info

Volunteer Training Info

Thank you so much for offering your time and talents to help make this year a successful one. In order to volunteer at the school, or be a chaperone on any of the field trips, you must first complete a volunteer application. Secondly, you must complete the Baltimore County Public Schools’ (BCPS) online volunteer training; including watching the training video, viewing the Volunteer Handbook and passing the quiz. These steps must be completed every year. You can complete the training online HERE!

Please forward your signed and completed application, along with your training certificate to the school office.


Methods to track your volunteer hours:

1. Keep an accurate ongoing total of your volunteer hours on the provided volunteer hours tracker, conveniently located HERE. Please plan on sending this tracker in at least 4 times a year. Your child may drop it in the PTA mailbox in the main hallway. Please place it in an envelope marked “Volunteer Hours”.

2. Submit your hours at your convenience on our website: HERE . Your hours will be submitted directly to our volunteer coordinator and a confirmation will be sent to you by email. You may include volunteer hours for things you do for the school or for the PTA.

3. Finally you can ask that you are entered as a volunteer when checking in with the office staff. The  Raptor system allows for volunteer hours to be tracked, but only if you are entered into the system as a volunteer when you first check in. If you choose to use this method you will still need to provide the PTA with any volunteer hours you accrue outside of the school day.

Please remember all volunteers must check out with the office staff when you are finished volunteering for the day.

Time spent at meetings, helping at events, and working on projects for the school or PTA at home all count toward your hours, so please make sure you count them as well. The PTA keeps track of the hours and, at the end of the year, the school recognizes volunteers for their service! For any questions you may contact the volunteer coordinator: volunteer@gunpowderpta.org.

Thank you in advance for volunteering in the classroom, at home, and for the PTA.